Robert Bensen

Life and Work


Robert Bensen was born in Joliet, Illinois and was educated at the University of Illinois, Oxford University, and Harvard University. He is Emeritus Professor of English at Hartwick College. He teaches at SUNY-Oneonta and conducts a poetry workshop at Bright Hill Literary Center, Treadwell.


He has published six collections of poetry, most recently Before (Five Oaks Press), and Orenoque, Wetumka & Other Poems (Bright Hill Press).  Poems have appeared in Agni, Akwe:kon, Antioch Review, Callaloo, Caribbean Writer, Jamaica Journal, Native Realities, Paris Review, Partisan Review, Poetry Wales, Journal of Commonwealth Literature, Thomas Hardy Review, and many others. His work has earned an NEA poetry fellowship, the Robert Penn Warren Award, the Harvard Summer Poetry Prize, and Illinois Arts Council and NY State Council on the Arts awards. 


His scholarship in the Caribbean and Native America has produced essays, studies, and editions, won fellowships from the NEH and Newberry Library, and led to teaching in St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela.  He has edited anthologies of Caribbean and Native American writing, including Children of the Dragonfly: Native American Voices on Child Custody and Education (Univ. of Arizona Press).


Woodland Arts Editions

Bensen’s publishing imprint, Woodland Arts Editions published four chapbooks in October 2020 by David Bachner, Lynne Kemen, Julene Waffle, and Vicki Whicker, who are also included in the Seeing Things anthology. 

Awards and Recognition

Fellowship in Poetry, National Endowment for the Arts; Winifred Wandersee Scholar-in-Residence, Hartwick College; Robert Penn Warren Award for Poetry; Cora A. Babcock Professor of English, Hartwick College; Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award, Independent College Fund of New York; Fellowship, Newberry Library (Chicago); National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, Poetry prizes from Illinois Arts Council and Harvard University, Poetry prize (third) from New York State Fair, Eric Hoffer Book Prize (shared); Finalist for the Emily Dickinson Award from the Poetry Foundation; Finalist for the Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American Poets.


All Works

Books of Poetry

Finishing Touches: Selected Poems. (in process)

Before. Trenton, NY: Five Oaks Press, 2019.

Orenoque, Wetumka, and Other Poems. Treadwell, NY: Bright Hill Press, 2012.

Two Dancers. Oneonta NY: Woodland Arts Editions, 2004

The Scriptures of Venus. Northfield, MA: Swamp Press, 2001.

Day Labor. Oneonta, NY: Serpent & Eagle Press, 1984.

In the Dream Museum. Urbana, IL: Red Herring Press, 1980.

Near Misses. Oneonta, NY: Nocturnal Canary Press, 1979.

Book Editions and Studies

Native American and Aboriginal Canadian Childhood Studies. Oxford Bibliographies. New York: Oxford University Press, 2013. Online.

Children of the Dragonfly: Native American Voices on Child Custody and Education. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2001, 2008.

Iroquois Voices, Iroquois Visions: A Celebration of Contemporary Six Nations Arts.  ed. with Bertha Rogers and Maurice Kenny. Treadwell, NY: Bright Hill Press, 1996.

One People’s Grief: Recent Caribbean Literature. Hamilton, New Zealand: Outrigger Publishers, 1983.

Six Cuban Poets/Seis Poetas Cubanas, trans. T. Keating.  Oneonta, N.Y.:  Serpent & Eagle Press, 1983.

Poetry: Gallery Exhibitions

“A Tale of Three Books: Collaborations with Phil Young,” The Smithy Gallery, Cooperstown, NY. June-July 2019.

Poems & photographs, Mural on Main Art Gallery, Mount Utsayantha Regional Arts League, Hobart, New York. Withworks by Phil Young and Charles Bremer. Nov. 1-Dec. 14, 2014.

“Two Dancers: Poems by Robert Bensen and Photographs by Charles Bremer” on exhibit at: National Museum of Dance,Saratoga Springs, NY. May 2007 to October 2008.

Community Arts Network of Oneonta gallery, Oneonta, NY. May 2012. Smithy/Pioneer Gallery,Cooperstown NY, July 2004.

Upper Catskill Community Council on the Arts. Oneonta, NY, October 2003.

Fine Arts Gallery, State University College at Oneonta, NY. Feb. 2 to March 6, 2002. The Word & ImageGallery, Bright Hill Center, Treadwell, NY. June 2 to 30, 2002. Faculty Center, Hartwick College, Oneonta,NY. September 1 to December 31, 2002

Poetry: Journals and Collections

“Art Works,” River, Blood and Corn. May 20, 2019.

“Is It Over Yet?” Cobalt Review. 2018.

“Assassination Nation,” The Piltdown Review, October 2018.

“Acres of Birds for Santa,” La Presa, Issue 5, June 2018. 

“1959,” La Presa.  Issue 4, January 2018.

“The Undrowned” and “A Note on Your Aura,” Like Light: 25 Years of Poetry & Prose by Bright Hill Poets & Writers. ed. Bertha Rogers. Treadwell, NY: Bright Hill Press, 2017. 14-15.

“Before You Know It,” AGNI 85 (Spring 2017).

“Maurice Kenny at Hartwick College,” Dawnland Voices 2.0. Indigenous Writing from New England and theNortheast. 4.  (Spring 2017). Http://

“Elysium,” “A Loss for Words,” “Days of the Sugarplum Fairy,” “Eurydice Decorates Hell,” The Thomas Hardy Review(UK) XIV.1. Featured poet. October 2012.

“Such a Beautiful Day” and “Art Works.” Platte Valley Review 32.1 (Autumn 2011).

“Unbeloved.” Journal of Commonwealth Literature 2.2 (July 2010): 103.

“Orenoque, “Urinuku,” “Paraiso Terrenal,” “Atlantis,” “Inglatierra,” “Manoa, or El Dorado,” “Canaima,” “Hurucan,”“Morequito,” “Pointe Seraphine,” “Conquistador at the Halcyon Beach,” “Blacksnake.” Journal ofCommonwealth Literature 2.1 (January 2010): 114-144.

“Horse Play,” Callaloo (Spring 2005).

“No Matter What,” The Cumberland Poetry Review 24.1 (Spring 2004).

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“Pine Lake Memorial Stomp Dance Trail,” Native Realities 3.1 (Winter 2003).

“Look at These Hands,” Witness XVI.2 (2002).

“La ballet de baleines/ Ballet of the Whales,” and “Etoile,” Phoebe (Spring 2002).

“The Time of Wind,” Native Realities 1.1 (Spring 2001).

“Orpheus and E            ” parts 1 and 2, nycitybiglitreview. “Souvenir,” Yankee Magazine (September 2000).

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“Paraiso Terrenal” and “Huiio,” Out of the Catskills and Just Beyond. Treadwell, NY: Bright Hill Press, 1997.

“Come Sweet May Again,” Pivot 45 (1997).

“What Lightning Spoke” and “Double Cross,” Pivot 44 (1996). “The Given,”Forkroads 1:2 (Fall 1995).

“Waking the Gretels,” Phoebe 6:2 (Fall 1994). “The Short Season,”Pivot 42 (1994).

“Blacksnake at the Iroquois Festival,” Tamaqua 4:1 (Spring 1994). “Wetumka,” Akwe:kon Journal 10:3 (Fall 1993).

“The Bronze Slave” (winner, Robert Penn Warren Poetry Award) and “The Time of Wind,”

Cumberland Poetry Review 13:2 (Fall 1993).

“Canaima” (from Orenoque) and “Buffalo Hot Wings,” Slow Dancer [England] 29 (Spring 1993). “Abode” and “ThreeImages” by Alvaro Mutis. Trans. from Spanish with Timothy J. Keating.

Harvard Review 4 (Spring 1993).

“Night Crossing, the Irish Sea,” “What the Static Said,” and “Scriptures of Venus,” The Webster Review 16 (Fall 1992).

“Lives,” “Walker and Cane,” and “Valor,” Slow Dancer [UK] 27 (Spring 1992). “The Truth AboutEverything, Pt. II,” The Paris Review 122 (Spring 1992). “Isis at Caroni,” The Caribbean Writer 5(1991).

Reprinted in Verse [England] 11:2 (Summer 1994).

“Pony League,” “A Cup of Tea in Tea-Brown Cups,” and “Windfall Dutch Barn, Salt Springville, New York,” Slow Dancer [UK] 24 (Fall 1990).

“Isla Republica,” Slow Dancer [UK] 23 (Spring 1990).

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Reprinted in Alan Pater (ed.) Anthology of Magazine Verse & Yearbook of American Poetry.

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Presentations, Interviews, Activities

Poetry readings:

State University College at Oneonta, Dept. of English (May 5, 2010) National Museum ofDance (Saratoga Spring NY: September 2007)

Word Thursdays series, Bright Hill Literary Center, Treadwell NY, April 19, 2007. Saratoga County ArtsCouncil (Saratoga Springs NY: July 2003)

State University College at Oneonta , Dept. of English (March 19, 2003). Faculty Lecture Series,Hartwick College (September 13, 2003).

Rotary Club, Oneonta NY (September 19, 2002).

Panelist on “For the Seventh Generation: Native American Artists Counter the Quincentenary, Columbus, New York,”Defining Identities Series, Hartwick College, October 27, 2007. “Dragonfly’s Tale: Adoption Law and Literature inNative America,” Session: Responses to the Law

in First Nations Literature (Coordinator: Deena Rymhs, Queen’s Univ.) Midwest MLA

Convention, Chicago IL Nov. 8, 2003.

Teaching Tables Luncheon on the Writing Competency Program, Hartwick College (Oct. 3, 2003).

Interview: “People of Earth: Native American News and Activism.” Pacific Radio Network,

Jacqueline Battise, producer. KPFT (Houston). July 12, 2003.

Manuscript reviewer for American Indian Culture and Research Journal (UCLA).

“Creative Writing in the English Department” Plenary Session at the ADE Summer Seminar, Cooperstown NY, June 15,2002. Presided. David Bartholomae, Arnie Johnston, Robin Hemley, participants.

“Earthly Delights,” reading at a benefit program, Saturday, March 2, 2002. Upper Catskill Community Councilof the Arts, Oneonta, NY.

“Two Dancers: in Performance,” performance piece with dancers. Hamlin Arena Theater, State

University College at Oneonta, February 28, 2002.

“Children of the Dragonfly: Native American Voices on Child Custody and Education,” lecture/reading for HartwickCollege January Term program “Native America:  Lessons in Survival.” Jan. 30, 2002.

Reading/interview on “Off the Page,” program will Bill Jaker at WSKG-FM (NPR affiliate), January 3, 2002.

“Assignments: Sweethearts Forever,” a workshop for writing faculty, Hartwick College, Oct. 12, 2001.

“The Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978,” interviewed on Native America Calling International

Radio Network, August 2001.

“Fictions of the Indian Boundary: Adoption and the Short Fiction of Louise Erdrich.” 5th Annual Central New YorkConference on Language and Literature, SUNY-Cortland, October 19, 1995.

“Fictions of the Indian Boundary: Native American Literature and the Geographies of Reading.” Babcock Lecture Series,Hartwick College, October 13, 1994.

“Father Acosta’s Laughter: Discontinuities of Knowledge Between the Old and New Worlds.” Presented in Curriculum XXILecture Series, Hartwick College, Sept. 30, 1991, and at the State University College at Oneonta, Oct. 16, 1991.

“Novice/Expert Distinctions and the Teaching of Writing Across the Curriculum,” presented at the Institute for Critical Thinking, University of Chicago, April 27, 1988.

“The Poet as Painter: Derek Walcott’s Midsummer.” Presented at the conference of the Association of Caribbean Studies, Port ofSpain, Trinidad, July 28, 1985.

“The New World Poetry of Derek Walcott.” Presented at the conference of the Association of Caribbean Studies, Havana, Cuba, July 12, 1982.

“One Red Herring and How It Grew.” Presented at Illinois Small Press Conference, Champaign, Illinois, September 1985.

Lecturer, SUNY Oneonta,
Professor Emeritus, Hartwick College

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