Just Then, Just There

Just Then, Just There

Just Then, Just There, poems by David Bachner

The poems of Just Then, Just There resemble photographs from the poet’s life, childhood through old age, across Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East.

 Sagas of grandparents coming to America, recollections of parents, friends, and kind strangers. Tales of failed relationships and self-doubts. The boy’s regret for ridiculing a teammate. The groom reconciling himself to an interfaith wedding. The husband realizing the damage of his words. The father struggling to be at peace with his daughter’s conversion. The elderly man ruing the harm he has done.

Sixty-two poems. Sixty-two stories. One self-portrait composed of each. Just then. Just there.

ISBN: 978-1-7353161-8-5

$14.95, available on Amazon.com

Woodland Arts Editions, 2022

Lecturer, SUNY Oneonta,
Professor Emeritus, Hartwick College

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